Tuesday, December 28, 2004

A not-too-long time ago, in a galaxy somewhere near Columbus, Ohio:

[Marketing Drone]: "Yo, Alderdude, can we have a building permit for a rawkin' X-tian skate park, that will take God to the XTREME?"

[Alderman]: "Hmmm, our youth do need to reconnect with our Lord, but will the building be ugly?"

[MD]: "Yes sir, just look at these futuristic drawings. "

{A]: "Yes, I like... big and purple. I like things that are big and purp.. ehem, uhm.. Yes, it should go well with our cityscape of grey... do you have a name for it?"

[MD]: "That's where we are running into some problems. We need to capture the awesomeness and X-trematude of the concept in order to draw in the youths, but also need to make sure they don't know off the start that it is associated with the church, it will hurt our numbers."

[A]: "What do you have so far?"

{MD]: "The best we've got is 'The Jesus is Rad Center for Xtreme Akkshun."

[A]: "You need to go bigger than Jesus, and more subtle... how about God's Extreme Roller Park?"

[MD]: "I like it, but it isn't spelled poorly enough. AOL has degenerated the average reading and writing skills of US teenagers to the point that they no longer respect proper words. Also, roller park is a little tame. It's got an arcade to stimulate the brain, a restaurant to recharge the batteries after a hard day .."

[A, Interrupting]: "God's Xtreme POWER Park!"

[MD]: "Wait. I just had a vision. My Latte is speaking to me. How. About. We Add a 'zee' to the end of God: Godz Xtreme Power Park."

[A]: "B-I-N-G-O"

[MD]: "More like G-O-D-Z-O!"

[A & MD]: "Hahahahaha! HIGH FIVES!" *SLAP*
(Fictionized dialog unceremoniously borrowed from here with minor modification.)

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