Sunday, December 26, 2004

Big decisions, they say, are made by men who don't have to live with the consequences; probably because those affected by the big decisions are generally outside the decisionmakers' monkeysphere.

Aside - is a site that sets out to "debunk" claims Michael Moore has made in his films. What continually strikes me as interesting about the site is that it is not only generally refreshingly free from the typical foaming-at-the-mouth rabid conservative rhetoric that passes for reasoned debate these days (e.g. "all liberals are traitors"), but most of the "debunking" pages show that while Mr. Moore may occasionally show certain facts in a particular light, or omit information to subtly manipulate the context in which information is presented, for the most part Michael Moore plays it pretty well straight down the middle. See this example "rebuttal" of Moore's assertion concerning the number of US Congressmen with kids serving in the military in Iraq. Maybe the figure is two, not one, but Moore's substantive point is actually reinforced by this page, IMHO.

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