Monday, March 31, 2003

I own a modified '92 Land Cruiser. It has lockers, bigger springs and tyres, a big fuck-off winch on the front and the mother of all rear bumpers.

I like to take it off-road. Get it muddy. Get it stuck. Use the hi-lift jack. Break out the winch, hook up the snatch straps, and get it unstuck.

Now, here's the question - did that little description get you all hot and bothered? Yes? No? Either way, check this out ...
Project for a New American Century - via Brainwoofer
One thing leads to another.
Death squads? Ha ha! Hostages? Funny stuff, no? Torture! Stop it, you're killing me ...

Netflix seems to think so.
I can't believe someone actually named a model of sports wheelchair "The SpaZz". Joey!
Time traveller makes killing on the stock market, gets caught, reports Weekly World News
A popular middle-eastern dish from Weight Watchers of Iraq? Actually, there are plenty of other unappealing recipes from Weight Watchers circa 1974 on this site.

Thursday, March 27, 2003 (see link in previous article - PRESIDENT'S STATEMENT etc) and Jason's are actually both productions of the same outfit - Chickenhead Productions. There's all sorts of goodness to be had there!
AskJeeves? Why bother? Jeeves don't know shit. Get on the AnswerBus instead.
Dog Island (WTF?). An island where you can send your dog to be a real dog. Some choice quotes:

  • "Every now and then some dogs gang up and kill and then eat another dog, but this is just natural, and it's okay for it to happen now and then"

  • "We apologize to not offer this to poor people but it takes an enormous amount of money to afford this type of beauty"

The Director of Imports is someone named Soong Lee. Anyone know if that's a Korean name, and this is just a big front for his other business, ""?
Aussie newpaper The Age claims that the U.S. used napalm in Iraq - a banned weapon of mass destruction. The Pentagon denies this, saying that it removed napalm from it's arsenal in 2001. Apparently, it sold it all to these guys. Interestingly, this article from theSchmews (a satire site) claims the U.S. never ratified the law preventing it's use.

Saturday, March 22, 2003

One of these three links is to a true news story, the other two are links from previous Reprobates postings. See if you can guess which is which!

1) Kim Jong Il Unfolds Into Giant Robot
2) National Guardsman Changes Name To "Optimus Prime"
3) Voltron's Office of Homeland Security Is In The Heeeeeouse!

Friday, March 21, 2003

Holiday home swap available. Reeeaally available. You have to wonder about the area description though...

Thursday, March 20, 2003

Shock and Awe.
Lyndon LaRouche may be mad as a hatter but this makes for, ahh, interesting reading nonetheless.
This just in from all the major news organizations on Operation Iraqi Liberation (uh - doesn't that spell OIL?) - we don't know anything yet. Stay tuned for more information we don't have, more details we're waiting for, and more rehashing of the fact that we don't know anything yet. Don't go awa
Get YOUR war on (again, or still, depending on your viewpoint).
An alternative to becoming a human shield in Iraq, should you want to get "obliterated".

Wednesday, March 19, 2003

Axis of Weasel: your online guide to the Newspeak for Gulf Wars: Part II.

Friday, March 14, 2003

If Good Eats (host, fan page, book)
were a cartoon, it would be Deep Fried Live.
If this had happened in Cameroon, maybe their Government would be considering a ban by now ...

Thursday, March 13, 2003

Strangely, this is not the origin of the expression "taking the piss".

Wednesday, March 12, 2003

Fall down, go boom - redux.

Incidentally, I haven't seen it yet, but I'm waiting for some hapless US media scribe to refer to this thing as "the world's biggest conventional weapon ever". I probably won't have to wait long as not only is "The US The Greatest Country The World Has Ever Seen" but "Fifty Years Is A Very Long Time". These statements notwithstanding, the WWII "Grand Slam" designed by Barnes Wallis was not only bigger (and, at 22,000lb, therefore much badderer), but it wasn't even American.

Think about this for a second - this bomb was used 58 years ago. It was so big (over 26 feet long, and almost 4 feet in diameter) it had to be strapped under the belly of a specially-modified Lancaster bomber. Dropped from an altitude of 12,000 feet, this thing would attain almost supersonic velocity before it hit the ground and could penetrate up to 15 feet of reinforced concrete before the eleven-second delay fuze detonated the 9,500 lbs of Torpex inside the chrome-moly steel shell ...

No wonder they called these things "earthquake bombs" ...

Friday, March 07, 2003

Dave, thanks for that touching tribute to the late, great Mr Rogers. I thought it was very classy, very understated, nicely done, and I'm sure Mr Rogers will be sorely missed by many millions of American kids who grew up watching his show.

Now, that said, and bearing in mind this is the Reprobates blog, I do have to ask:

Did Mr Rogers creep anyone else out, or was it just me? Wasn't there a lascivious twinkle in his eyes as he undid his cardigan? Did he strike anyone else as looking like a child molester?

OK, so now I've sullied the memory of a dear old man, perhaps you'd care to ponder this: Men who look like Kenny Rogers - dot com.