Friday, December 31, 2004

I like to find recipes on the intarwebs. Recently, I wanted a recipe for the German fruit compote called rote gruetze. I found several recipes. Some, like this one, despite being found on the German Embassy's website (not the first place I would have thought to look), are better than others, for example this laughably poor version from the, ahem, "Ft. Bliss, TX Officers' Wives' Club" (I also like the way the original sidesteps the tricky issue of apostrophe placement by the simple expedient of omission).

OTOH, "Ft. Bliss, TX Officers' Wives' Club" might make a good name for a gonzo amateur porn tape. Mmmm ... naked trailer trash gals wrestling in rote gruetze ...

(I thought about reinforcing the comparison between jello wrestling and rote gruetze wrestling by referring to it as "jello-cum-rote gruetze wrestling" but then realized that the context within which I was using the Latin for "as" might have made it sound like I was advocating they wrestle in a mixture of three substances ... )

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