Monday, April 07, 2003

"Sex in a Palace and Sex on the Street--the Taste is the Same" - does your religion tell you things like this?

Mind you, the same dissertation also contains the following pearls of wisdom:

"You'll find the bats, they are hanging down the head, and they're passing stool. Sometimes man also does so, when there is strangulation. That is very dangerous disease. What is called? Intestine strangulation. Then passing stool through the mouth. In Bengal sometimes they curse, "You'll pass stool through the mouth!" Yes, sometimes they do. Sometimes they eat through the rectum. Do you know that?"


"You are thinking that I will be very much happy if I enjoy sex like the dog."

So - get this - not only do the Hare Krishnas know the ins and outs of oral & doggie style, they'll also tell you to eat shit & die. Now that's a religion I can get behind!

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