Monday, April 21, 2003

News coverage in the UK is different than what we get here in the US.

CNN, for example, by comparison with BBC News, is difficult to watch - flying graphics, a heavily-windowed look and feel (crawler across the bottom of the screen, weather forecasts on the left-hand middle, a story-related graphic in the top left, and a small video area in the top right which incorporates its own graphics, captions, subtitles, etc) and the screaming rock-guitar "War in Iraq" special-news-story theme music.

What's interesting to me is that BBC News and CNN International (which seems to be mostly run out of the UK) share a common, comparatively stripped-down look and feel - a newsreader sitting at a desk, reading from the TelePrompTer, and a single crawler at the bottom of the screen - which is almost the polar opposite of CNN's all-ADD-all-the-time presentation.

The same stylistic differences exist between the web sites, too. Look for example at (admittedly restrained by comparison to the TV broadcasts) and

The funniest difference in coverage that I saw, however, is that former Iraqi "Information" Minister Mohammed Saeed al-Sahhaf is almost universally known in the UK press as "Comical Ali".

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