Wednesday, January 04, 2006

I've know blogged the MetalStorm before (I just can't find the post ... on this blog ... that's frickin' owned - not pwned - by Google ... go figure), but now I bring you ... the DREAD.

If this thing catches on and becomes the dominant projectile-firing weapon of choice for the military, what are kids going to say instead of "BANG!" when they shoot one another? And what are they going to use to simulate the weapon when it doesn't look like an outstretched index finger? Inquiring minds want to know.

... and here's another thing. "Recoilless"? So ... they've managed to overcome Newton's First Law? Intriguing. I'd hate to see what kind of gyroscopic effects you'd get from this. They're talking about speeds up to 8000fps, implying that the spinny disc thing inside is achieving 8000fps tangential velocity at the rim - let's say the thing is about two feet in diameter, or about 6 feet in circumference. It's doing over 1,300 rps? 80,000 rpm? Hmm. Also, if you watch the video, the grouping they're getting from the prototype doesn't look too hot.

Meh - move along, nothing to see here. Except that the music on the video is bitchin'.

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