Thursday, August 04, 2005

Idiotwatch: Kate Hudson, bubbleheaded actress and daughter of arch-bimbo Goldie Hawn, recently blathered the following piece of nonsense -

"Almost Famous" actress Kate Hudson is making a habit of splashing water over herself to ward off bad Hollywood vibes. Hudson, 26, is so scared of attracting bad karma that she wears crystals to protect herself, according to World Entertainment News Network.

"When I'm around people who have bad energy," she says, "I usually carry some water and I just kind of, like, put it on myself. It's not like a holy water, just something to cleanse myself if someone's really negative. And I carry around crystals, too. I feel it's important to protect yourself."

Hmm. I'm thinking she could be persuaded that other, aah, liquids would be equally beneficial. Can anyone say bukkake? Yeah, I thought so.

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