Tuesday, May 31, 2005

I love it when dumb, illiterate people misuse a big word and then try to explain to other people what the word means. Case in point - "43", aka Dubya, who's not exactly the sharpest spoon in the drawer, has been criticized on numerous occasions for his piss-poor vocabulary, inability to form a coherent sentence, total lack of intellect and so on, and has taken the criticism to heart. So, in an effort to speak at a level greater than fourth grade, he has presumably goaded his speechwriters into inserting a few Grown Up Words in his speeches. Hilarity, predictably, ensues.

From the BBC News website comes this gem:

Mr Bush said its accusations therefore stemmed from
"people who hate America, people that have been trained
in some instances to disassemble, that means not tell the truth".

Err ... no.

dissemble verb [intransitive]
conceal one's true motives, feelings, or beliefs : an honest, sincere person with no need to dissemble

disassemble verb [transitive] (often be disassembled)
take (something) to pieces : the piston can be disassembled for transport

Even more infuriating though is the usual elements of thought-control that have been woven into the propaganda that spews forth from the Bush Politburo. Examples:

accusations therefore stemmed from "people who hate America"

Deflect attention from the issue at hand, attack the credibility of Amnesty International (this is Amnesty fucking International we're talking about here, folks), and distract his pea-brained followers with some handwaving. Now, perhaps Amnesty International isn't exactly thrilled about America's current foreign policy, but this is not the same thing. However, this kind of simple-minded conflation plays well in the Midwest and the South, where most everyone is seriously fucking stupid, and, not entirely coincidentally, votes Repuglican.

Here's another beaut, from Satan himself this time (aka Richard B. Cheney):

"I think the fact of the matter is the United States has done 
more to advance the cause of freedom, has liberated more people
from tyranny over the course of the 20th century and up to the
present day than any other nation in the history of the world,"
said the vice president.

Now, for ten points, can anyone spot the logical fallacy here? Yes! You got it! America's historical record of advancing the cause of freedom has what to do with the record or intention of the present administration?

Fuck all! That's how much!

Once again, though, what this proves is - although Bush may be dumb (and dumb he is), he's still smarter than the people who voted for him.

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