Friday, February 14, 2003

I lost count of the number times I said "Wow" out loud while reading this article about elves, sprites & blue jets, infrasound (and more here), and the Space Shuttle that, in the reversal of the normal sequence of events, apparently did a "go boom, fall down". I also went "wow" several more times while reading this article about ACE, and SOHO, and the ill-fated Space Shuttle, and an apparent large shockwave in the solar wind, and the fact that these satellites orbit ... nothing at all. Well, actually, they orbit Lagrange or libration points, but thems ain't physical objects. See? Wow. And former Shuttle astronaut Tammy Jernigan (who apparently transported the now-famous photo purporting to show a purple corkscrew lightning-bolt thing to NASA in Houston) even got in on the act with a "Wow" of her own in this article that may or may not ultimately debunk the phenonemon that may, or may not, have been photographed as Columbia passed over San Francisco.

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