Thursday, October 04, 2001

Another disheartening article about the CIA's continuing failure to measure up to the threat and the challenge it and, oh, the rest of us, are now facing from the Bin Man.

I had somehow managed to conflate in my mind this article and the one Shaun posted when talking with Mr Sandrowitz the other day, to the great confusion of us both.

However, I am now taking my medication again, the fog has lifted, and all is now clear.

By the way - the article I keep exhorting everyone to read is in the on-line edition of The New Yorker, a too-too-sophisticated magazine for and by those living closest to the North-East's largest ongoing urban renewal project. For some reason best known to themselves, and clearly far beyond the grasp of those of us not blessed with the good fortune to live in the city of overpriced shoe-box apartments, rude people and terrorist-demolished skyscrapers, the site has chosen to put the article on a page whose URL will one day change, as it is one of those "monthly spot" links. So - enough vitriol about New York and New Yorker magazine. It's a good piece - good enough to make everyone feel really good about themselves, and really bad about the CIA - so go read it while the URL is valid and not pointing to, say, an article about why the Hamptons will be so fabulous this fall, or where the best blintzes are to be found on the Upper East Side.

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